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MBP | 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Video

December 28, 2020

Over the last few months, the importance of video marketing has grown exponentially. Video has become an important asset to any business of any size.

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Here are 5 reasons why you should be using video in your marketing strategy:1. It’s memorable.We all have those adverts that just stick with us. From releasing millions of balls bouncing down the streets of San Francisco for Sony to the classic Evian babies, we remember these adverts because people like visuals. Most individuals find watching videos more entertaining than reading text — which seems ironic as you’re reading this in a blog. Making it memorable helps with messaging . Creating how-tos, demonstrations and product videos, can not only provide more opportunity for brand recall and higher retention, but also increases your chance of reaching the desired audience. And, of course, the more creative the better.2. It’s engaging.As we just mentioned, video is great for learning or demonstrating, but it’s also ideal for grabbing and maintain attention. Consumers want to see action, and exciting content. It is said that most information transmitted to the brain is visual, with vision being the most dominating sense. Photos do support and boost engagement on social massively, but imagine what the power of video can do!

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3. It tells a story.

You want to take the consumer on a journey, and be relatable enough for them to retain the information. Trying to explain a difficult concept? Animated videos are the answer. Animation is the perfect combination of entertainment and simplicity.

4. It’s shareable.

Going viral. This phrase has only been developed within the last 10 years. We click, scroll, swipe, like and share posts every day. It’s that easily shareable content that is more likely to become viral. So, what makes video so shareable you ask? Videos are not only more entertaining, but also practical for tips, tricks and life-hacks. While viral content is hot when it’s hot, it is short in popularity. This type of content could be talked about for days or months — but if it is memorable, the lifespan will last.

5. It’s digestible.

While video is great for telling stories, it’s important not to overwhelm or get lost in the shuffle. Here are some tips to consider when creating and launching your video.

  • Keep it short. Videos under two minutes long get the most engagement. If you can tell your story in 10-seconds, do it. A longer video can still work better than stills or text, but the longer the video is the more opportunity to lose views.
  • Take time for high-quality thumbnails. It’s key to take the time to create eye-catching thumbnails that are attention grabbing. This will help with click-through rates.
  • #Hashtag. By adding relevant titles, text, descriptions and tags will help viewers find you, and putting the algorithms in your favour.

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At MBP, we specialise in creative video content for companies of all sizes. From startups to Fortune 500 companies, we understand how to make video work for your business.

If you’re looking for video production, let’s get together! Our team is ready to bring your ideas to life.

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