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Blog | The Return to Live Events

August 5, 2021

As live events are given the green light to go ahead, the importance of an online presence is far from stopping. 

With limited audience numbers and ever changing restrictions, film is *realistically* the only way to safely reach an audience of any significant size. In this blog, we highlight the benefits of event filming and a look how our crew is tackling the return to filming live events in 2021. 

Let’s dive in…

Types of coverage

Live events are back, but what can we expect?

At MBP, we cater to a variety of events that require different types of footage. From filming for live broadcast to on-demand content. Let us take you through just what our crew can do.


Live events often need content to include as part of the output. Depending on the complexity of the production, our crew can capture the hustle before the kick-off. 

Our crew schedules ample time to film footage to be cut into 1-2 minute pre-recorded materials pieces – perfect for the big screen or livestream breaks. 

Feature films

Your event may require to have on-demand content for your virtual viewers. Our crew will handle the creative building and shooting of the featured story. These are typically 10-15 minute pieces focusing on feel-good, informative footage.

Live event filming 

Here it is. The main event. Here’s how it works.

Our crew is filming the event in real time. With tight turnarounds, we go out as the event is happening, bring the footage to our on-site edit suite and package the footage up with the graphic overlays and sound as needed. 

This type of footage can also be edited to highlight reels.

Aerial footage

Our in-house drone pilots will plan, assess and capture aerial footage throughout the event.

We handle all the paperwork, so all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the flight. 

Behind the scenes coverage 

Who doesn’t love a bit of behind the scenes? Our designated BTS crew will capture the action as it happens behind the scenes through stills and video. Perfect for social media. 


From studio builds to tear down, our time-lapse specialists will capture high-quality, 4K footage.

This footage can be captured over a long or short period of time, and shows the incredible amount of work that goes into managing and producing events. 

What about editing? 

Our on-site editors know the importance of a fast turnaround, with deliverables by the hour. 

Additionally, footage can be collated into highlight reels that can be used long after the event is over for on demand content. 

Let’s talk crew size

From one cameraman to supporting wider teams, our crew can scale up or down to fit the event needs. 

Depending on the complexity of the production, we recommend filming using at least three cameras, all synced up together. If your video is going out live, we also recommend recording to the hard drive simultaneously. This will give you options to create an alternative edit after the fact.

We have loved working on a number of virtual events over the past 18 months and we’re very glad to get back to covering live events again.

Our crew brings over 18 years of experience filming events. From advice, planning, setup, and execution, you’re in safe hands with MBP.

For further assistance either preparing for or shooting your live event, please do get in touch. Contact our crew, www.mbpltd.com/brief-us, info@mbpltd.com or 0131 600 0190.