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Get to Know | MBP

May 10, 2020

Over the next few weeks, we will be introducing the MBP team. But first, let’s get to know who we are.

We are MBP.

Fuelled by motivation and copious cups of coffee, we are a group of ‘doers and makers’ passionate about raising the bar in creative storytelling. 

We bring heart to the hustle, and enjoy doing it.

Our goal is simple: make incredible work.

We believe every brand has a story to tell – so, here’s a wee look into our our message, our audience and our story.

How long has MBP been around? We’ve been producing films since 2011. Since then, our team has now tripled in size and we are continuing to grow.

What does MBP do? We create engaging content. Film and photography is our bread and butter, but we can do it all. We also have two fully-licensed drone pilots, a certified offshore team and top-of-the-line time lapse technology.

Where does MBP go? We operate from our Edinburgh office, but have a global footprint and have filmed in over 50 countries. When we aren’t prepping or editing, you can find us usually hanging out of helicopters or scaling large objects in our finest PPE.

What does MBP listen to? See for yourself — check out our team Spotify.

What do you do when you aren’t working? You can find us out for team bonding activities i.e. sharing charcuterie boards. We also like to party — check out last year’s ‘Digital Winter’ event in collaboration with TrenchOne.