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Blog | It’s Been a While

February 26, 2024

I thought I’d share a bit of an MD’s message in this new blog post to fill in the gaps of the missing years.

The last time we updated our blog was April 2021, a time when we were just emerging from lockdown, which seems so surreal now.

In early 2021, our offices closed due to the business we shared space with going under. At points during the pandemic, we were down to just three weeks’ worth of cash before facing a similar fate. Our pipeline collapsed as both local and international work vanished.

We regrouped to my garage, converting it into a makeshift studio complete with fiber lines. We shot over 10 commercials there, implementing onsite and fast-turnaround lab testing, social distancing measures, masks, and hazmat suits to keep going.

As the world cautiously emerged from the pandemic, we couldn’t travel freely, but things started looking up. We resumed creating proper adverts, and we even began assisting international productions shoot in the UK when they faced crewing challenges due to entry issues.

Then came a transition in our team. Those who had weathered the storm of the pandemic saw new opportunities beckoning elsewhere, which was truly remarkable to witness. It was heartening to see former colleagues thrive in different roles—one became an account manager at a major Scottish agency, while our camera operators pursued their dreams of filming mountain biking worldwide.

This transition also allowed us to revitalise the company by bringing in specialists in various fields—line producers, studio managers, editors, DOPs—forming a new, dynamic team. With this fresh energy, we began envisioning a new space.

Our new studio significantly enhances MBP’s capabilities. Equipped to handle fire, rain, smoke, greenscreen, and more, it’s a versatile space. Additionally, we’ve invested over £100,000 in new equipment, including camera systems, gimbals, lenses (including some exquisite vintage sets), and sound gear.

With this expanded toolkit, we’ve undergone extensive training and streamlined our production processes. Everything is now meticulously process-driven (which is pretty unique for me as anyone that knows me will understand!), ensuring nothing falls through the cracks, and we deliver on time with the content our clients need.

This transformation has led to strong relationships with new agencies, even securing some retainers—a concept I didn’t realise could apply to video production, but it does, and it works well! Our team has grown further, with a presence in London alongside Edinburgh, and we’ve partnered with an exceptional agency in New York.

Of course, the journey had its share of ups and downs, plenty of uncertainty, but through it all, our commitment to delivering top-notch productions remained unwavering. With our larger, more vibrant team, we’re poised to tackle even bigger and better projects in the coming years!

And rest assured, we won’t let the next blog post take three years to arrive!

Happy 2024!