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Get to Know | Katy

December 1, 2020

This week, say hello and #GetToKnow our Commercial Director, Katy!

What is your job title? Commercial Director

What is your office nickname? The Real Slim Katy or K-dawg.

What do you enjoy most about working at MBP? The team, everyone is full of energy and drive which keeps the work exciting. It’s also very varied and allows me to tap into different skills every day.

Favourite line from a movie? “…that’s all…” (name the film!)

Who is your go-to musical artist? Everything from Katryanada and Four Tet, to Nick Drake and DJ Zinc.

What do you do when you are not working? Lifting weights or lifting wine! Really enjoy spending time at my local independent gym & can’t wait to get back. I’m also a bit of a music nerd so like to go to gigs of many sorts.

Three words to describe MBP? Life and soul.