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MBP operates around founders Matt Brown and Scott Thomson, who collaborate with over 200 trusted technicians around the world to create video and film productions. The beauty of this approach to working is that MBP can be small or big depending on your production requirements.

The team have won many awards over the years, including a Scottish Bafta, Christopher Johnston viral campaign award, Orange award and received many nominations including BBC production team of the year.

Our clients range from Coca Cola to The Ministry of Defence and we work across all business sectors from construction and oil and gas to fashion and entertainment.

Matt Brown

Matt Brown’s background is production, he loves the creation of film, from the method and risk assessments through to the delivery of the final cut, what Matt loves is the process of working with clients, going to crazy places and capturing footage that helps you tell your story.

Scott Thomson

Scott Thomson was a professional footballer for 20 years, throughout his career he was involved with media production and when he retired he decided to work with Matt to create a company that would engage with brands and organisations to deliver productions that are on budget, on time and fun.

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